2 Stage Harbor Freight Dust Collector Hack

2 Stage Harbor Freight Dust Collector Hack


Dust collection is such an important tool in a wood shop and it often gets overlooked as it is not a fun tool to spend the money on or to set up. I modified a single stage dust collector to include a cyclone and cartridge filter resulting in a DC system that rivals the much more expensive and powerful systems.

You can watch the video where I modify this Dust Collector below.

In this Learn the Logic series video I go through the parts that I used to make this system, some important dimensions and what I do and don’t like about the setup. If you would like to modify a system in a similar manner you can download the free basic set of plans below, a parts list is included in those plans. Click the image below to download the plans.

Dust Collector Plans



  1. Tyler, seeing your 2 stage DC gave me inspiration to gather up the remaining pieces to do mine. I have been dragging around a 1.5hp unit for years and since moved into a new house with shop it was time to pull the trigger. Your cyclone and trash can mount influenced how I mounted mine. The biggest difference is mine is mounted outside the shop (for sound) and it vents to the outside so no filter. I love having a dedicated system. Keep the great videos coming.

  2. The 4″ pcv Sewer and Water pipe that you used in your dust collections system. I was trying to find at Menards and I think i found it but it looks like it is corrugated inside but that may just be the picture. Do you have the link for the stuff you used?

    Thank YOu